The Boise Bubble Podcast

Episode 18: Buying a Car in The Treasure Valley

September 1st, 2021

If you're under the age of 80 and don't inherently enjoy deception and battle, then buying a car is likely not at the top of your list of ways to have fun. Adding to the distastefulness of the task is how COVID has impacted prices of new and used cars by disrupting supply chain issues. In this episode we speak with local car sales veteran Ivan Suquet from Audi of Boise, who offers insight into all things car-buying in the Treasure Valley. You'll just enjoy listening to his made-for-radio voice, but he also talks us through how dealerships price cars, how to negotiate with them, tips for buying, insight on why cars are so expensive and in short supply right now, and some of the sci-fi features that are starting to roll out on new cars these days. Whether or not you love cars, this episode is packed with useful info.