The Boise Bubble Podcast

Episode 20: Stepping Back To Power Forward

September 29th, 2021

On this episode, we kick Shane out and bring in Boise powerhouse Genevieve Nutting, founder of Womeness Community. She and Natalie sit down for a chat about what they are seeing from women locally through their difference lenses. Natalie as a local community influencer, and Genevieve as a health coach and wellness leader. Together they chat about life pivots, burnout, creating boundaries, making friends, the damage of gossip and how women can move to build each up during a time of change. Natalie also talks about her decision to move away from a very public opportunity and what brought her to that decision.

The conversation is continued over on Genevieve’s Podcast “Your Zest Life” episode “The Value in Listening, Acts of Kindness and Setting Boundaries - with Natalie Plummer”