The Boise Bubble Podcast

Episode 36: “Influencing the Boise Food Culture”

May 25th, 2022

Local food influencers are effecting real change in the current food culture. Recorded live at Treefort, seven of these such foodies discuss their thoughts on Idaho food, restaurant marketing and hopes for the growing Treasure Valley food scene.

Newbie foodies, professional content creators, career influencers and the current Idaho Statesman food contributor chat about their purpose in focusing their time on highlighting local food. They also discuss how the lack of understanding of the importance of social media marketing is limiting local brands and restaurants.

This episode is released in collaboration with the “The Table Rock” Podcast

Host - Julie Robinson of Table Rock Podcast

Alex Milles - Food blogger/ Table Rock Podcast

Natalie Plummer of The Boise Bubble Podcast and Hello Meridian

Tyler Grant - Tastefully Tyler Instagram

Mike Wallace - Boise Food Critic Instagram

Lauren Henry - Treasure Valley Treats and Eats

Scott Wink - Boise’s Best Bites

Amos Rothstein - Food Writer for Idaho Statesman