The Boise Bubble Podcast

Episode 72: Harvest Update with Front Yard Fresh

September 27th, 2023

With summer drawn to a close, Shane wanted to get his garden coach, Katie Battazzo with Front Yard Fresh, back to talk through his first foray into gardening. His garden was a huge success this summer- he was giving away produce left and right, flooding the market with homemade pickles, and boring all his friends and acquaintances with how much of an old man he’s become. He claims that Katie wept just a little and said he was her favorite protege and made her most proud of all her clients for showing so much dedication and having so much well-earned success his first year in the grow biz, but it’s funny how that comment happened to occur before he hit the record button. Major sus. He does acknowledge that Katie’s guidance and encouragement were crucial to everything he harvested.

With more success than he knew what to do with, he felt it was fitting to invite her back to his garden and record the episode surrounded by his jungle of herbs, flowers, and late-summer vegetables. They discuss his primary takeaways about home gardening in general, talk about what he’ll do differently next year, and what growers should do going into fall, including planting garlic and tulips. They also talk about the importance of planting the right flowers to attract bees and other pollinators. If you’ve been dabbling in doing your own planting, you’ll find this conversation helpful. You can harvest your own garden knowledge by following Katie on the Gram @frontyardfresh.