The Boise Bubble Podcast

Episode 73: Driving On Fumes Into Q4

October 4th, 2023

Partners naturally want to support each other when they’re going through hard times. But what happens when both partners are going through challenges and aren't able to focus on the other’s needs as much as they would like?

We have found ourselves in this position lately and decided to use this episode to discuss some of our current struggles, our plan to move forward into a better position by January, and how we can position ourselves to find some respite from stress and anxiety. Some of our changes are simple, and some of them are massive mindset adjustments. From toning down Christmas, to adding in simple health tweaks, we’re hoping we will be in a better situation by the new year. Or we might fail miserably- you never know. We will record a follow-up episode after Christmas for a New Year release to talk about how it went.

It’s a vulnerable conversation. It was valuable for us, and we hope it is valuable to you.