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The Boise Bubble Podcast is a look into one of the fastest growing cities in America, from the perspective of the people lucky enough to live here. Issues and topics that interest and impact our entire Treasure Valley community, from food, to urban adventures, to exploring the Idaho wilderness, to the complicated and captivating experiences of the people you pass every day. Shane and Natalie Plummer bring together their experience in social media, local business, corporate development, outdoor adventures, and fumbling through marriage, to bring you conversations that will help you discover why this is one of the most sought after places to live.


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    Episode 33: Double date with Joey and Lauren

    April 13th, 2022  |  1 hr 7 mins
    boise, boise bubble, idaho, treasure valley

    Joey and Lauren Jenkins from “Joey and Lauren in the Morning” join us to talk a little bit about their story, their move from high school sweethearts to radio power couple.

    We talk about extremely important issues like pineapple on pizza, the audacity of not returning a shopping cart, when it’s OK to call out poor service and how Joey describes the ultimate manly man.

    Also a discussion on why Shane and Natalie sleep in separate rooms and highly recommend.

    It’s a fun conversation to be sure. Makes sense, they do this for a living.

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    Episode 32: With Love From Boise

    March 30th, 2022  |  51 mins 8 secs
    boise, from boise, idaho, marketing, meridian, newsletter, northwest, personal, treasure valley

    In this episode we talk to Marissa Lovell, the voice behind the popular newsletter “From Boise” - a FREE bi-weekly newsletter about people, places, history, and happenings in Boise.

    As the newsletter reaches its one year anniversary and 10,000 subscribers, we talk to Marissa about the “why” behind the newsletter, where she gets her inspiration, and the path towards finding her own purpose in her career. She shares some of her favorite stories including the James Castle House, Boise Rock School, and the Schick-Ostolasa Homestead.

    It’s a great discussion with someone who has made her career out of sharing her love of Boise.

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    Episode 31: Natalie Gets Raw with Sharing Her Journey

    March 16th, 2022  |  57 mins 12 secs
    boise, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, treasure valley

    In this episode, Natalie is interviewed by Alexis and Kirsten of the “Sharing Her Journey” podcast. They focus on Natalie’s journey towards becoming an influencer and starting “Hello Meridian.” Together they chat about the public view versus what is Natalie’s reality. Natalie gets raw about her desire to cope with motherhood, deal with medical trauma, and how she currently navigates becoming a public figure. The women delve into some of the nuances of Natalie and Shane’s marriage, along with their WHY for choosing to sleep in separate bedrooms. Natalie shares the story of Hello Meridian and the reason she was hesitant to become an ‘influencer.’ And of course, sex and the enneagram pop up, because if you’re talking to Natalie, those topics tend to emerge. This episode can also be found on the “Sharing Her Journey” podcast—this release is their 100th Anniversary episode!

    Hosts -

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    Episode 30: Idahistory - Starting The Conversation

    March 2nd, 2022  |  1 hr 6 mins
    boise, boise dev, business, community, development, eagle, growth, history, idaho, local, meridian, treasure valley

    In this episode we sit down with historian Mark Iverson of Idahistory. In this first conversation we decided not to delve deep into specific history, but more so discuss WHY history. The importance of learning the lessons of humanity’s past and the dangers of marginalizing others. Our discussion touches on trends of migration in America and the search for the American dream. We discuss how knowing history’s patterns and listening for both sides can bring us a better understanding in current situations. And how many of these universal trends can be found right here in Idaho. We sit down together to set a foundation for future conversations about Idaho history. And how we can use those lessons as tools moving forward.

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    Episode 29: Treefort 10!

    February 16th, 2022  |  34 mins 28 secs
    boise, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, quitting a job, treasure valley

    It’s the 10 year anniversary of Boise‘s biggest music fest! Treefort Music Fest is a killer city-wide showcase of what makes Idaho and Boise amazing: music, food, drink, art, stories, kids events, and even yoga! It's such a local staple that the city of Boise honored it with the title of "Cultural Ambassador" in 2015.

    We’re talking with Treefort Music Fest PR director Marissa Lovell about exciting happenings at the festival this year. From the most anticipated bands, to new ways to volunteer and some of the big changes in store. And Natalie’s fav Treefort moment from 2021. (It may include a streaking artist.)

    Also - The Boise Bubble Podcast is recording at Treefort LIVE this year!

    If you are still wondering a little bit about what Treefort is all about, we recommend you first listen to Episode 16 “How to Treefort” for all the basics. It’s a summary of how Treefort came to be one of Boise‘s most epic offerings, and how to go about enjoying it. Guests include Marissa Lovell and Treefort Co-founder Megan Stoll.

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    Episode 28: Brunch In Your Face!

    February 2nd, 2022  |  54 mins 4 secs
    boise, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, treasure valley

    On this episode, Natalie invites back two of her favorite foodies to vibe over brunch and breakfast spots, bakeries and coffee joints. Idaho Statesman food reviewer, Amos Rothstein and local food influencer Alex Milles bring in their expertise on all things carbs and caffeine.

    We tell you about the best breakfast sandwich (possibly in the world), the sexiest brunch dish and the best breakfast joint to head to when you need a good existential cry. Also Alex invites us to joint in his crusade to make the horse in front of the Somewhere Bar into a unicorn. (We are not ready to commit to that one. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to brunch with foodies, this episode is for you.

    You’ll have quite the list of morning delicacies once you’re done listening.

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    Episode 27: Demystifying the Idaho National Guard

    January 19th, 2022  |  59 mins 16 secs
    air force, army, boise, gohen field, idaho, meridian, national guard, northwest, personal, quitting a job, treasure valley

    We’ve all heard of the Idaho National Guard. Often those serving in the guard are our neighbors and peers at work. But many of us are confused about what they actually do, and are unaware of the huge impact that they make on our community. Did you know that they are the fourth highest employer in the state?!

    In this episode we sit down with Brig. Gen. Timothy J. Donnellan - the Commander of the Idaho Air National Guard and Assistant Adjutant General, Air, Gowen Field in Boise.

    Shane and guest host Taylor Walker (who served as Idaho National Guard PR and photojournalist) talk with the General about what exactly that Idaho National Guard offers to our community. We’re guessing you might just be a little surprised.

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    Episode 26: 2022 - Lessons Learned

    January 5th, 2022  |  1 hr 16 secs
    boise, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, treasure valley

    On this episode, Shane and Natalie further the discussion started in their recent article in the Boise Lifestyle Magazine “2022 - “The Year You Own Your Life”.

    The last two years have been difficult for everyone. But one unexpected positive is the questions we have been forced to ask ourselves.

    The questions regarding our priorities.
    The questions regarding our leadership.
    The questions regarding our relationships.
    And the questions regarding ourselves.

    So many questions asked inevitably leads to the reevaluating of the status quo.

    Shane and Natalie share their personal lessons learned during the years of the pandemic. As well as their plans to institute these lessons moving forward. From acknowledging skewed perceptions, creating better boundaries and shifting spiritual journeys.

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    Episode 25: Idaho Winter Adventures

    December 8th, 2021  |  1 hr 8 mins
    boise, family, gem state, idaho, meridian, northwest, treasure valley, trips, tv, vacation, winter

    On this episode we talk WINTER in Idaho with Sophia Doumani of the TV series “Hidden Gems in The Gem State”. A lot of people think of skiing when it comes to Idaho in the winter, but there are so many more ways to enjoy the season. From ice castles to sand dunes, elk sleigh rides to dog mushing, eastern Idaho to Caldwell. Idaho offers a lot of winter adventures (and misadventures) and we discuss some of the best! We find out how Shane winter camps (apparently Natalie is not a fan), what it’s like to start a TV show from scratch, how Sophia had never seen a “wild” Christmas tree before moving to Idaho, and we ask the question on everyone’s mind: what exactly is the “JUMP! Building” in Downtown Boise? (Spoiler- we really don’t know) A great listen to start the winter season.

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    Episode 24: Double date with the Maxeys!

    November 24th, 2021  |  50 mins 22 secs
    animals, boise, couples, dates, double date, idaho, marriage, meridian, northwest, personal, quitting a job, treasure valley

    We have a lot of pretty interesting couples in the Treasure Valley, and we thought it was about time we get to know some of them. Basically a double date… in the studio!

    This episode we meet with Corbin and Sam Maxey!

    Corbin is an exotic animal expert and local celebrity. You may recognize him from the Tonight Show, the Today show, Martha Stewart and many more national appearances. He has huge YouTube and Tiktok presences, keeping people entertained with raising his animals.

    Sam Maxey is known throughout the Valley as the Genius behind “Snake River Wine Tours” - recently named USA Today Top Ten Wine Tour. Shane and I are huge fans. As is everyone that goes on one!

    We dig into this couple’s dynamic and ask some of our own burning questions. For example, what it’s like to marry a man who raises exotic animals for a living? How is constantly driving drunk people around the Treasure Valley? And what really is inside the Barbacoa men’s bathroom?


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    Episode 23: Fireside Chat

    November 11th, 2021  |  37 mins 59 secs
    boise, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, treasure valley

    Based on feedback, we’re hearing that it’s sometimes fun to hear us just kick back and chat. Well. We can do that. On this episode we’re imagining ourselves at home, siting around the fire and letting the conversation flow. We chat about marriage, podcasting, Natalie’s really ugly leggings, trying to catch each other cheating, and what triggers Shane to cry like a small child. Also learn about Shane new social media girlfriend. Laughter and disagreements ensue. Enjoy.

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    Episode 22: Boise Food Fight!

    October 27th, 2021  |  1 hr 1 min
    boise, eat local, food, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, quitting a job, restaurants, treasure valley

    Who has the best burgers in the Treasure Valley? Who dominates the taco game? What about pizza, sandwiches, steaks and cocktails? And this is Idaho! Who does fries right? We are throwing down with Idaho Statesman food reviewer, Amos Rothstein and local food influencer Alex Milles discussing where you can find the BEST food in the Treasure Valley! You might just be surprised!

    Also. Natalie says “ridiculous” a ridiculous amount of times. Get excited for that.

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    Episode 21: Getting creepy with the Old Idaho Penitentiary.

    October 13th, 2021  |  1 hr 6 mins
    boise, halloween, history, idaho, meridian, northwest, personal, prison, quitting a job, spooky, treasure valley

    Like crime podcasts? Interested in Idaho history? Fascinated (like the rest of us) in the Old Idaho Penitentiary? In this episode we have a conversation with Skye and Anthony of the Behind Gray Walls Podcast. These local historians work in the historic Old Idaho Penitentiary and specialize in stories of some of the most infamous prisoners who resided there. They regale us with a few of their favorite stories, along with some of the creepy paranormal experiences there.

    We also talk about the fine line between civilian and prisoner, and the danger of labeling a person for a single mistake.
    These historians are dedicating their days to making sure the entire story of the individuals who spent time in the penitentiary are told.

    It’s a interesting and fun listen to be sure.

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    Episode 20: Stepping Back To Power Forward

    September 29th, 2021  |  52 mins 59 secs
    boise, boise dev, business, community, development, eagle, growth, health, idaho, local, mental health, meridian, treasure valley, women

    On this episode, we kick Shane out and bring in Boise powerhouse Genevieve Nutting, founder of Womeness Community. She and Natalie sit down for a chat about what they are seeing from women locally through their difference lenses. Natalie as a local community influencer, and Genevieve as a health coach and wellness leader. Together they chat about life pivots, burnout, creating boundaries, making friends, the damage of gossip and how women can move to build each up during a time of change. Natalie also talks about her decision to move away from a very public opportunity and what brought her to that decision.

    The conversation is continued over on Genevieve’s Podcast “Your Zest Life” episode “The Value in Listening, Acts of Kindness and Setting Boundaries - with Natalie Plummer”

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    Episode 19: Unselling Boise

    September 15th, 2021  |  49 mins 14 secs
    boise, boise dev, business, community, development, eagle, growing pains, growth, idaho, in n out, local, meridian, real estate, traffic, treasure valley

    So you want to move to the Treasure Valley? We get it! There are so many amazing things about Idaho! However, this is not utopia. We have real struggles, from our natural environment to our unprecedented growth. Discussions about some of the negative aspects of the Boise area are important to set realistic expectations for newcomers. From our housing shortage to fly season, health care realities to limitations on outdoor recreation. Shane and Natalie sit down and riff on some of the things you might want to know before heading this direction.

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    Episode 18: Buying a Car in The Treasure Valley

    September 1st, 2021  |  1 hr 50 secs
    audi, boise, cars, eagle, idaho, local, meridian, new cars, treasure valley

    If you're under the age of 80 and don't inherently enjoy deception and battle, then buying a car is likely not at the top of your list of ways to have fun. Adding to the distastefulness of the task is how COVID has impacted prices of new and used cars by disrupting supply chain issues. In this episode we speak with local car sales veteran Ivan Suquet from Audi of Boise, who offers insight into all things car-buying in the Treasure Valley. You'll just enjoy listening to his made-for-radio voice, but he also talks us through how dealerships price cars, how to negotiate with them, tips for buying, insight on why cars are so expensive and in short supply right now, and some of the sci-fi features that are starting to roll out on new cars these days. Whether or not you love cars, this episode is packed with useful info.